Seamlessly integrate any text from any web page with Preprint search engines!

How does it work?

This “one-click” tool is saved as a bookmarklet in your Web browser. To use, highlight any text on the Website you’re browsing (journal article, PubMed search results page, news, blog, etc.) and then click on the bookmarklet. A pop-up window will appear displaying preprint articles containing the text you highlighted, discovered through the Preprint search engines.

How to install?

Click here for video instruction describing how to install the Preprint bookmarklets in your favorite Web browser’s bookmark bar, as well as instructions on what to do if you don’t see the bookmark bar underneath your browser’s search box.

Steps to link highlighted text from an abstract in PubMed to preprint articles on the same subject using bioPreprint bookmarklet.

bioPreprint Instruction Graphic