Drug Therapy

Analgesia : methods and protocols / edited by Arpad Szallasi.
Antiepileptic drug discovery : novel approaches / edited by Alan Talevi, Luisa Rocha.
Cancer prevention : dietary factors and pharmacology / edited by Ann M. Bode and Zigang Dong.
Computational drug discovery and design / edited by Riccardo Baron.
Drug delivery system / edited by Kewal K. Jain. Second edition.
Drug targeting : strategies, principles, and applications / edited by G.E. Francis and Cristina Delgado.
In silico models for drug discovery / edited by Sandhya Kortagere.
Microarray methods for drug discovery / edited by Sridar V. Chittur.
Monoclonal antibodies : methods and protocols / edited by Vincent Ossipow, Nicolas Fischer. Second edition.
Ocular pharmacology and toxicology / edited by Brian C. Gilger.
Structure-based drug discovery / edited by Leslie W. Tari.