Medical Informatics

Bioinformatics for comparative proteomics / edited by Cathy H. Wu, Chuming Chen.
Bioinformatics for DNA sequence analysis / edited by David Posada.
Bioinformatics for omics data : methods and protocols / edited by Bernd Mayer.
Bioinformatics methods and protocols / edited by Stephen Misener and Stephen A. Krawetz.
Bioinformatics methods in clinical research / edited by Rune Matthiesen.
Biomedical informatics / edited by Vadim Astakhov.
Biomedical literature mining / edited by Vinod D. Kumar, Hannah Jane Tipney.
Chemoinformatics and computational chemical biology / edited by Jürgen Bajorath.
Clinical bioinformatics / edited by Ronald J.A. Trent.
Clinical bioinformatics / edited by Ronald J.A. Trent. 2nd ed.
Data mining for systems biology : methods and protocols / edited by Hiroshi Mamitsuka, Charles DeLisi, Minoru Kanehisa.
Data mining in clinical medicine / edited by Carlos Fernández-Llatas, Juan Miguel García-Gómez.
Data mining in proteomics : from standards to applications / edited by Michael Hamacher, Martin Eisenacher and Christian Stephan.
In vitro toxicology systems / edited by Anna Bal-Price, Paul Jennings.
LC-MS/MS in proteomics : methods and applications / edited by Pedro R. Cutillas, John F. Timms.
Microelectrode biosensors / edited by Stephane Marinesco, Nicholas Dale.
Microsatellites : methods and protocols / edited by Stella K. Kantartzi.
Multiple sequence alignment methods / edited by David J. Russell, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, USA.
Neuroinformatics / edited by Chiquito Joaqium [sic] Crasto ; foreword by Stephen H. Koslow.