Last reviewed October 2016

Account Creation:

  1. Direct your browser to the HSLS Micromedex Web site.
  2. Click on the Download Mobile Apps button on the bottom right side of the page.
  3. Scroll down to the IV Compatibility app installation instructions.
  4. Complete the installation up to Step 4. Addendum to Step 4: Upon opening the app, tap IV Compatibility Customer. You'll then be prompted to enter the password.

NOTE: Do not share the password.

Account Expiration:

To obtain uninterrupted access, you will be prompted to update/download content at least once per quarter (90 days). You must also enter the password when prompted.


The IV Compatibility app is a subset of the Trissel’sTM 2 IV Compatibility tool found on the full Micromedex site. One or more drugs can be selected. Compatibility of selected IV drugs will be displayed for Y-Site and Admixture, categorized as compatible, incompatible, variable compatibility, uncertain compatibility, and untested compatibility. Information that is available in the full Micromedex site, but not the mobile app includes: other compatibilities such as syringe, TPN/TNA, and references.


In app, tap on the Information icon.