Last reviewed July 2016

Account Creation:

  1. Direct your browser to UpToDate.
  2. Click on the Log in/Register button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Complete the registration form.
  4. On your mobile device, download the UpToDate app and log in with your personal account information.

Account Expiration:

In order to maintain uninterrupted access, you must verify your Pitt or UPMC affiliation every 90 days by logging into UpToDate from an in-network Pitt or UPMC computer or on a mobile device connected to the Pitt or UPMC Wi-Fi. Five days before the expiration date, UpToDate will send you an e-mail reminder to refresh your account.


  • Contains the same continuously updated content as the UpToDate database, excluding Lexi-Interact Online.
  • “What’s New” provides a summary of essential new information added in recent weeks.
  • Patient information materials.
  • Medical Calculators include interactive topics that allow you to enter values in commonly used formulas to obtain numerical data.


UpToDate Mobile Access