The Health Sciences Library System (HSLS) at the University of Pittsburgh is pleased to announce our updated Frequent Borrower Program.This program is designed to help lower your library's cost for article borrowing.

Discounts start after your library signs up for the program. Once enrolled:

  • 1–500 articles filled by HSLS—$10.00 per article
  • 501–550 articles filled by HSLS—$9.00 per article
  • 551 or more articles filled by HSLS—$8.50 per article

The Frequent Borrower Program is offered at no cost. Sign up is required and we request PAUPIT be placed at the top of your routing tables.

To sign up for the Frequent Borrower Program or request more information, please e-mail The e-mail message should confirm your interest in the program and include your current contact information. You can also call 412-648-2037.