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Anatomic basis of neurologic diagnosis / Cary D. Alberstone [and others] ; illustrators, Joseph Kanasz, Nichael Norviel.

Anatomy for anaesthetists / Harold Ellis, Andrew Lawson. Ninth edition.

Anatomy for dental medicine in your pocket / edited by Eric W. Baker, Johanna Warshaw based on the work of Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher ; illustrations by Markus Voll, Karl Wesker.

Anatomy in diagnostic imaging / Peter Fleckenstein, Jørgen Tranum-Jensen ; co-author Peter Sand Myschetzky. Third edition.

Atlas of clinical and surgical orbital anatomy / Jonathan J. Dutton ; illustrations by Thomas G. Waldrop. 2nd ed.

Atlas of clinical gross anatomy / Kenneth P. Moses ... [et al.] ; prosections of the head, neck, and trunk prepared by Martein Moningka. 2nd ed.

Atlas of human anatomy / Frank H. Netter, MD ; consulting editors, Carlos A. Machado, chief contributing medical illustrator ; John T. Hansen, lead editor ; Brion Benninger, Jennifer Brueckner-Collins. Seventh edition.

Big picture : gross anatomy / editors, David A. Morton, PhD, Associate Professor, Anatomy Director, Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, Utah, K. Bo Foreman, PhD, PT, Assistant Professor, Anatomy DSecond edition.

Body structures and functions / Ann Senisi Scott, Elizabeth Fong. Thirteenth edition.

Clinical anatomy of the spine, spinal cord, and ANS / Gregory D. Cramer, Susan A. Darby. 3rd ed.

Clinical neuroanatomy / Stephen G. Waxman. Twenty-Eight Edition.

Color atlas of ultrasound anatomy / Berthold Block ; [translator, Terry C. Telger]. 2nd ed.

Essentials of anatomy and physiology / Valerie C. Scanlon, Tina Sanders. Eighth edition.

Fitzgerald's clinical neuroanatomy and neuroscience / Estomih Mtui, Gregory Gruener, Peter Dockery. Seventh edition.

Gray's anatomy : the anatomical basis of clinical practice / editor-in-chief, Susan Standring ; section editors, Neel Anand [and 11 others]. Forty-first edition.

Gray's anatomy for students / Richard L. Drake, Wayne Vogl, Adam W.M. Mitchell. Third edition.

Gray's atlas of anatomy / Richard L. Drake [and 4 others]. Second edition.

Gray's basic anatomy / by Richard Drake, A. Wayne Vogl, Adam W.M. Mitchell ; illustrations by Richard Tibbitts and Paul Richardson ; photographs by Ansell Horn. Second edition.

Gray's clinical neuroanatomy : the anatomic basis for clinical neuroscience / editor, Elliott L. Mancall ; associate editor, David G. Brock.

Gray's clinical photographic dissector of the human body / Marios Loukas, R. Shane Tubbs, Brion Benninger. Second edition.

Hinman's atlas of urosurgical anatomy. 2nd ed. /

Human anatomy : color atlas and textbook / J.A. Gosling, MD, MB ChB, FRCS, FAS, Professor of Anatomy, Stanford University, USA; P.F. Harris, MD, MB ChB, MSc, FAS, Emeritus Professor of Anatomy, University of Manchester, UK; J.R. Humpherson, MB ChB, FormerSixth edition.

Human body : an introduction to structure and function / Adolf Faller, Michael Schünke, Gabriele Schünke ; translated by Oliver French ; edited by Ethan Taub.

Last's anatomy : regional and applied. 12th ed. /

McMinn and Abrahams' clinical atlas of human anatomy / by Peter H. Abrahams ... [et al.]. 7th ed.

McMinn's color atlas of foot and ankle anatomy / Bari M. Logan ; regional anaesthesia by Anand M. Sardesai, Sachin Daivajna, A.H.N. Robinson ; original photography by Ralph T. Hutchings. 4th ed.

McMinn's color atlas of head and neck anatomy / Bari M. Logan, Patricia A. Reynolds, Scott Rice ; original photography by Ralph T. Hutchings. Fifth edition.

Medical imaging of normal and pathologic anatomy / Joel A. Vilensky ... [et al. ; with foreword by David Macaulay]. 1st ed.

Netter's clinical anatomy / [edited by] John T. Hansen ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrators, Carlos A.G. Machado [and four others]. 4th edition.

Netter's concise orthopaedic anatomy / Jon C. Thompson ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrators, Carlos A.G. Machado, John A. Craig. 2nd ed.

Netter's concise radiologic anatomy / Edward C. Weber, Joel A. Vilensky, Stephen W. Carmichael, Kenneth S. Lee ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrator, Carlos A.G. Machado. Second edition, updated edition.

Netter's correlative imaging : abdominal and pelvic anatomy / volume editors, Drew A. Torigian, Mary Kitazono Hammell ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrators, Kristen Wienandt Marzejon, Carlos A.G. Machado.

Netter's correlative imaging : cardiothoracic anatomy / volume editor, Michael B. Gotway ; series editor, Nancy M. Major ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrators, Kristen Wienandt Marzejon, Carlos A.G. Machado.

Netter's correlative imaging : musculoskeletal anatomy / Nancy M. Major, Michael D. Malinzak ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrators, Carlos A.G. Machado, Kristen Wienandt Marzejon.

Netter's correlative imaging. Neuroanatomy / volume editors, Thomas C. Lee, Srinivasan Mukundan, Jr. ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter, contributing illustrators, Tiffany Slaybaugh DaVanzo, Carlos Machado.

Netter's head and neck anatomy for dentistry / Neil S. Norton ; Illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrators, Carlos A.G. Machado, MD [and six others]. 3rd edition.

Netter's surgical anatomy and approaches / Conor P. Delaney ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter.

Neuroanatomy : an illustrated colour text / Alan R. Crossman, David Neary ; illustrated by Ben Crossman. Fifth edition.

Palpation techniques : surface anatomy for physical therapists / Bernhard Reichert. Second edition

Pocket anatomy & physiology / Shirley A. Jones. Third edition.

Pocket atlas of human anatomy / founded by Heinz Feneis; [by] Wolfgang Dauber.

Pocket atlas of radiographic anatomy / Torsten B. Moeller, Emil Reif.

Pocket atlas of sectional anatomy : computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging / Torsten B. Moeller, Emil Reif. 4th edition

Rat atlas navigation / [Boris Odintsov and Thomas Brozoski].

Scott-Conner & Dawson essential operative techniques and anatomy / Carol E.H. Scott-Conner, David L. Dawson. Fourth edition.

Sectional anatomy by MRI and CT / Mark W. Anderson, Michael G. Fox. Fourth edition.

Sobotta atlas of human anatomy. Volume 1, General anatomy and musculoskeletal system. Fifteenth edition /

Sobotta atlas of human anatomy. Volume 2, Internal organs. Fifteenth edition /. /

Sobotta atlas of human anatomy. Volume 3, Head, neck and neuroanatomy. Fifteenth edition /

Surgical anatomy around the orbit : the system of zones / editor, Barry M. Zide ; illustrator: Craig A. Luce, M.S. ; associate prosectors: Sean Boutros, M.D., skilled surgeon and one of NYU's finest residents and recent graduates, and Arthur Millman, M.D.

Understanding anatomy & physiology : a visual, auditory, interactive approach / Gale Sloan Thompson.

Weir & Abrahams' imaging atlas of human anatomy / editors, Jonathan D. Spratt, Lonie R. Salkowski, Marios Loukas, Tom Turmezei ; consultant editors, Jamie Weir, Peter H. Abrahams. Fifth edition.