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Myographia nova

Browne, John, 1642-approximately 1700
Myographia nova, or, A description of all the muscles in humane body, as they arise in dissection.
New York : Editions Medicina Rara, 1971?
Falk Library Call Number: q QM21 B882 (1697) 1971

Myographia nova written by the surgeon of the king Charles II, John Browne originally appeared in 1681 under the title A Complete Treatise of the Muscles. It was a very popular book though its originality was questioned. It plagiarized William Molins’ Myskotomia and copied plates from Tabulae anatomicae by Guilio Casseri. After Browne met with criticism, he changed slightly the text and published it in 1697 as Myographia nova. (More information available from the entry at The Hagströmer Medico-Historical Library).

Setting aside the original or “borrowed” question, Browne’s work has fantastic illustrations which show well in this limited edition facsimile.

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