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GEO Data Mining & Pathway Enrichment Analysis w/ Open Access Tools

Workshop Objective:

This is a 4-hour workshop. The morning session (10am - 12pm) provides a brief overview of bioinformatics concepts and software used for interpreting a gene list using pathway and network information. The afternoon session (1pm - 3pm) focuses on hands-on practice using Open Access (and routinely updated) tools--BioJupies, GEO2R, GSEA - Broad Institute, g:Profiler, and Cytoscape.

Participants will learn how to

Target Audience:

Experimental biologists seeking to analyze gene lists generated through omics experiments. The software covered in the workshop operates through a user-friendly, point-and-click graphical user Interface, so neither programming experience nor familiarity with command line interface is required.

Workshop Guide:

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