Leisure Reading Collection

If you are taking a break from work and school related reading, consider relaxing with a book from the HSLS Leisure Reading Collection. 
This collection is a revolving set of newly-published, general fiction and non-fiction books, as well as a selection of popular magazines. 

The collection is located on the main floor of Falk Library in the comfortable seating area. 

A number of the books in the Leisure Reading Collection have recently appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers list and include:

Map of salt and stars
Joukhadar, Jennifer Zeynab,
ISBN: 9781501169038
Mars room : a novel
Kushner, Rachel,
ISBN: 9781476756554
Masterpiece : a novel
Davis, Fiona, 1966-
ISBN: 9781524742959
Meet me at the museum
Youngson, Anne,
ISBN: 9781250295163
Miss Subways
Duchovny, David,
ISBN: 9780374210403
Monk of Mokha
Eggers, Dave,
ISBN: 9781101947319
Mr. Dickens and his carol
Silva, Samantha,
ISBN: 9781250154040
Harris, Robert, 1957-
ISBN: 9780525520269
My name is Venus Black : a novel
Lloyd, Heather, 1964-
ISBN: 9780399592188
My sister, the serial killer : a novel
Braithwaite, Oyinkan,
ISBN: 9780385544238
Need to know : a novel
Cleveland, Karen,
ISBN: 9781524797027
Neuroscientist who lost her mind : my tale of madness and recovery
Lipska, Barbara K.,
ISBN: 9781328787309
Never lost again : the Google mapping revolution that sparked new industries and augmented our reality
Kilday, Bill,
ISBN: 9780062673046
Night in the life.
Orebaugh, Steven L.
ISBN: 9781929763658
Night visitor
Atkins, Lucy,
ISBN: 9781681440224
Hannah, Kristin.
ISBN: 9780312577223
Ninth hour
McDermott, Alice,
ISBN: 9780374280147
Noir : a novel
Moore, Christopher, 1957-
ISBN: 9780062433978
November road : a novel
Berney, Lou,
ISBN: 9780062663849
Ohio : a novel
Markley, Stephen,
ISBN: 9781501174476
Once upon a river : a novel
Setterfield, Diane,
ISBN: 9780743298070
One : a novel
Marrs, John (Freelance journalist),
ISBN: 9781335005106
Optimistic decade : a novel
Abel, Heather,
ISBN: 9781616206307
Oracle year : a novel
Soule, Charles,
ISBN: 9780062686633
Origin : a novel
Brown, Dan, 1964-
ISBN: 9780385514231