PubMed for Handhelds (PubMed4Hh)

Last reviewed Jan 2018


Features multiple ways to search PubMed/MEDLINE:

  1. PICO (Patient/Problem, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome), search with a well-formulated clinical query.
  2. askMEDLINE, a free-text, natural language search.
  3. Clinical Queries (CQs), allows you to search for journal articles by category: therapy, diagnosis, etiology, prognosis, clinical prediction guidelines, and specificity or sensitivity.
  4. A Journal Browser is available for reading the latest abstracts and TBLs (“The Bottom Line” summaries) of MEDLINE indexed journals.
  5. Consensus Abstracts, search using PICO and askMEDLINE then select concurring abstracts from journals and view results in one page.

Other options include the ability to save search results in an Archive and e-mail citations from any of the tools.


Depending on your device, tap on the Information icon or About on the home page.