MPD -- the Mouse Phenome Database

What you can do:
Find phenotypic and genotypic data for the laboratory mouse.
  • The Mouse Phenome Database is a repository of phenotypic and genotypic data on commonly used and genetically diverse inbred strains of mice and their derivatives.
  • MPD is also a facility for query, analysis and in silico hypothesis testing.
  • Currently MPD contains about 1400 phenotypic measurements contributed by research teams worldwide, including phenotypes relevant to human health such as cancer susceptibility, aging, obesity, susceptibility to infectious diseases, atherosclerosis, blood disorders and neurosensory disorders.
  • MPD has added more community-contributed data covering more phenotypic domains and implemented several new tools and features, including a new interactive Tool Demo available through the MPD homepage.
  • Electronic access to centralized strain data enables biomedical researchers to choose appropriate strains for many systems-based research applications, including physiological studies, drug and toxicology testing and modeling disease processes.
  • Mouse strains
  • Mus musculus strains
  • mouse phenotypes
  • mouse genotypes
  • mouse SNPs
  • mouse polymorphisms
  • inbred mouse strains
  • mouse anatomy
  • mouse behavior
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