ORFDB --A High-quality Open Reading Frame Collection

What you can do:
Search an evolving collection of human and mouse Open Reading Frame (ORF) clones (UltimateTM ORF Clones).
  • As of October 2003, the ORFDB contains 6200 human and 2870 mouse UltimateTM ORF clones. All ORF clones have been fully sequenced with high quality, and are matched to public reference protein sequences.
  • UltimateTM ORF clones can be searched by blast, keyword, GenBank accession, gene symbol, clone ID, Unigene ID, LocusLink ID or through functional relationships by browsing the collection via the Gene Ontology (GO) Browser.
  • In addition, the cloned ORFs have been extensively annotated across six categories: Gene, ORF, Clone Format, Protein, SNP and Genomic links, with the information assembled in a format termed the ORFCard.
  • human ORF clones
  • mouse ORF clones
  • open reading frames
  • ORFs
  • UltimateTM ORF clones
  • SNP
  • gene annotations
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: ORFDB
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