RTPrimerDB -- The Real-Time PCR primer and probe database

What you can do:
Search for validated real time PCR primer and probe sequences.
  • The integrity and accuracy of the data are maintained by linking to and querying other reference databases.
  • RTPrimerDB provides free public access through the Web to perform queries and submit user based information.
  • Primer/probe records can be searched for by official gene symbol, nucleotide sequence, type of application, detection chemistry, LocusLink or Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) identifier, and submitter's name.
  • Each record is directly linked to LocusLink, dbSNP and/or PubMed to retrieve additional information on the gene/SNP for which the primers/probes are designed.
  • The database contains primer/probe records for Human, Mouse, Rat, Fruit Fly, Zebrafish, Cow, Nematode, HIV-1, African clawed frog, Sea Urchin, Chicken, Pig, Western Clawed Frog, Dog, Honey bee, Fugu, Sea squirt, Sheep, Chimpanzee, and all current detection chemistries such as intercalating dyes (SYBR Green I), hydrolysis probes (Taqman), adjacent hybridizations probes and molecular beacons.
  • As of 2006, there are 3496 primer sets for 2164 genes.
  • In its 2006 release, gene expression assays are extended with a scalable assay viewer that provides detailed information on the alignment of primer and probe sequences on the known transcript variants of a gene, along with Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) positions and peptide domain information.
  • RTPrimerDB is also extended with an in silico analysis pipeline to streamline the evaluation of custom designed primer and probe sequences prior to ordering and experimental evaluation.
  • In a secured environment, the pipeline performs automated BLAST specificity searches, mfold secondary structure prediction, SNP or plain sequence error identification, and graphical visualization of the aligned primer and probe sequences on the target gene.
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  • RT-PCR
  • PCR primers
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  • PCR primer design tool
  • RT-PCR probes
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  • primer alignment
  • protein alignment
  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
  • SNPs
  • transcript variants
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