GrainGenes -- The genome database for small-grain crops

What you can do:
Search for molecular and phenotypic information on wheat, barley, rye, triticale, and oats.
  • It is the primary repository for information about genetic maps, mapping probes and primers, genes, alleles and QTLs.
  • Documentation includes such data as primer sequences, polymorphism descriptions, genotype and trait scoring data, experimental protocols used, and photographs of marker polymorphisms, disease symptoms and mutant phenotypes.
  • The curated data are integrated with sequence and bibliographic records selected from external databases and results of BLAST searches of the ESTs. Records are linked to corresponding records in other important databases.
  • A new, relational version of the GrainGenes Database (now called "GrainGenes Classic") is been implemented (2004).
  • plant genomes
  • plant genomic data warehouse
  • crop genomes
  • crop genomic data warehouse
  • wheat genome
  • barley genome
  • rye genome
  • triticale genome
  • oats genome
  • crop genomes
  • plant polymorphisms
  • plant SNPs
  • plant PCR primers data
  • plant genetic mapping probes
  • plant genotypes
  • plant genetic maps
  • cereal crops
  • plant expressed sequence tags
  • plant ESTs
  • bibliographic records
  • literature research
  • plant phenotypes
  • plant mutants
  • plant diseases
Literature & Tutorials:
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