Polymorphix -- a sequence polymorphism database

What you can do:
Search for information on within-species sequence polymorphism in the nuclear, mitochondrial and chloroplastic genomes of Eukaryota species.
  • It contains within-species homologous sequence families built using EMBL/GenBank under suitable similarity and bibliographic criteria.
  • Polymorphix is an ACNUC structured database allowing both simple and complex queries for population genomic studies.
  • Alignments within families as well as phylogenetic trees can be download. When available, outgroups are included in the alignment.
  • Polymorphix contains sequences from the nuclear, mitochondrial and chloroplastic genomes of every eukaryotic species represented in EMBL.
  • polymorphisms
  • single nucleotide polymorphisms
  • SNPs
  • eukaryotic SNPs
  • mitochondrial SNPs
  • chloroplastic SNPs
  • sequence variations
  • phylogenetic trees
  • population genomics
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: Polymorphix
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