PoMaMo -- a comprehensive database for potato genome data

What you can do:
Search for comprehensive genomic information on potato.
  • The PoMaMo database is a comprehensive database for different potato genome data, and to date the only database containing SNP and InDel data from diploid and tetraploid potato genotypes.
  • The database contains molecular maps of all twelve potato chromosomes with about 1000 mapped elements, sequence data, putative gene functions, results from BLAST analysis, SNP and InDel information from different diploid and tetraploid potato genotypes, publication references, links to other public databases.
  • Maps can be zoomed in and out, and detailed information about mapped elements can be obtained by clicking on an element of interest. The GreenCards interface allows a text-based data search by marker-, sequence- or genotype name, by sequence accession number, gene function, BLAST Hit or publication reference.
  • potato genomic data warehouse
  • Solanum tuberosum genome
  • potato genome
  • tetraploid potato genotypes
  • diploid potato genotypes
  • potato genome annotations
  • potato molecular maps
  • potato chromosome maps
  • potato SNPs
  • InDel data
  • crops genomes
  • Solanum genomes
  • Solanaceae
  • Solanaceae function maps
  • potato pathogen resistance
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PubMed Link: PoMaMo
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