WatCut -- An on-line tool for restriction analysis, silent mutation analysis, and SNP analysis

What you can do:
Perform oligo sequence silent mutation analysis, restriction analysis, and scanning for amplification-created restriction sites for the detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms.
  • Silent mutation analysis is intended for use with oligonucleotide sequences. It starts from a DNA sequence with user-specified reading frame. WatCut then scans the sequence for restriction sites that can be introduced without changing the encoded protein sequence. It will find sites created by any number of mutations, with both non-degenerate and degenerate recognition sequences.
  • Restriction analysis works very much as usual. WatCut can display the results in a graphical format, as a plain table, or in a complete textual format along with the DNA and translated protein sequences. All of these displays can also be formatted for printing. Sequences may be supplied by file-upload or by copy-and-paste.
  • SNP analysis scans a sequence that contains a single nucleotide polymorphism for existing or possible mutant restriction sites that will distinguish between the two polymorphic nucleotides.
  • WatCut uses all commercially available type II restriction enzymes. It allows users to filter these enzymes for recognition sites with particular properties; to set a preferred supplier to preferentially display isoschizomers available from that company; and to define users own enzyme sets.
  • restriction digestion tool
  • restriction analysis tool
  • restriction mapping tool
  • silent mutation analysis
  • single nucleotide polymorphisms
  • SNPs
  • SNPs analysis tool
  • restriction enzymes
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