MutDB -- interactive structural analysis of mutation data

What you can do:
Integration of publicly available databases of human genetic variation with molecular features and clinical phenotype data.
  • MutDB, first developed in 2002, integrates annotated SNPs in dbSNP and amino acid substitutions in Swiss-Prot with protein structural information, links to scores that predict functional disruption and other useful annotations.
  • Though these functional annotations are mainly focused on nonsynonymous SNPs, some information on other SNP types included in dbSNP is also provided.
  • Additionally, we have developed a new functionality that facilitates KEGG pathway visualization of genes containing SNPs and a SNP query tool for visualizing and exporting sets of SNPs that share selected features based on certain filters.
  • Non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms
  • SNPs
  • SNPs annotation
  • amino acid substitutions
  • human genetic variations
  • human diseases
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