SNP Cutter -- a comprehensive tool for SNP PCRx96RFLP assay design

What you can do:
Design PCRx96RFLP assays on a batch of SNPs from the human genome.
  • The program is capable of designing primers for either natural PCR-RFLP or mismatch PCR-RFLP.
  • SNP Cutter generates the information needed to evaluate and perform genotyping experiments, including a PCR primers list, sizes of original amplicons and different allelic fragment after enzyme digestion. Some output data is tab-delimited, therefore suitable for database archiving.
  • NCBI dbSNP rs IDs or formatted SNPs can be submitted into the SNP Cutter which then uses restriction enzymes from a pre-selected list to perform enzyme selection.
  • single nucleotide polymorphisms
  • SNPs
  • SNP genotyping tool
  • PCR primers designing tool
  • human genome
  • human SNPs
  • PCR-RFLP designing tool
  • genotyping tool
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