SNPmasker -- automatic masking of SNPs and repeats across eukaryotic genomes

What you can do:
Carry out automatic masking of SNPs and repeats across eukaryotic genomes.
  • SNPmasker is a comprehensive web interface for masking large eukaryotic genomes.
  • It is designed to mask SNPs from recent dbSNP database and to mask the repeats with two alternative programs.
  • It also offers population-specific substitution of SNP alleles in genomic sequence according to SNP frequencies in HapMap Phase II data.
  • The input to SNPmasker can be defined in chromosomal coordinates or inserted as a sequence.
  • The sequences masked are most useful as a preliminary step for different primer and probe design tasks.
  • eukaryotic SNPs masking tool
  • eukaryotic repeats masking tool
  • genome masking tool
  • single nucleotide polymorphisms
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