The PCR suite

What you can do:
Design of primer sets encompassing single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), all exons of a single gene, all open reading frames in a list of cDNAs or the creation of overlapping PCR products.
  • The web application PCR Suite is an extension of the primer design program Primer3, with implementation of more stringent settings and a smaller range of parameters.
  • The suite consists of four programs:
  • ** Overlapping_Primers -- is for creating multiple overlapping PCR products in one sequence.
  • ** Genomic_Primers -- designs primers around exons in genomic sequence. All you need is a GenBank file containing your gene.
  • ** SNP_Primers -- designs primers around every SNP in a GenBank file.
  • ** cDNA_Primers -- designs primers around open reading frames. Simply upload a GenBank file containing your genes.
  • PCR primer design tool
  • SNP primer design tool
  • exon amplification primers
  • cDNA primers
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: The PCR suite
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