SNP-VISTA -- an interactive SNP visualization tool

What you can do:
Visualize SNPs and mutations in genes.
  • SNP-VISTA is an interactive visualization tool to aid in the analyses of the following types of data:
  • A. Large-scale re-sequence data of disease-related genes for discovery of associated and/or causative alleles (GeneSNP-VISTA).
  • B. Massive amounts of ecogenomics data for studying homologous recombination in microbial populations (EcoSNP-VISTA).
  • The main features and capabilities of SNP-VISTA are: 1) mapping of SNPs to gene structure; 2) classification of SNPs, based on their location in the gene, frequency of occurrence in samples and allele composition; 3) clustering, based on user-defined subsets of SNPs, highlighting haplotypes as well as recombinant sequences; 4) integration of protein evolutionary conservation visualization;
  • single nucleotide polymorphisms analysis tool
  • SNPs analysis
  • SNP visualization tool
  • genetic variation analysis
  • SNP mapping
  • heterozgyosity
  • SNPS annotation
  • microbial SNPs
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