SNPsFinder -- a web-based application for genome-wide discovery of single nucleotide polymorphisms in microbial genomes

What you can do:
Conduct genome-wide identification of SNPs in microorganisms.
  • SNPsFinder takes multiple genome sequences as input to identify SNPs within homologous regions.
  • It can also take contig sequences and sequence quality scores from ongoing sequencing projects for SNP prediction.
  • SNPsFinder will use genome sequence annotation if available and map the predicted SNP regions to known genes or regions to assist further evaluation of the predicted SNPs for their functional significance.
  • SNPsFinder can generate PCR primers for all predicted SNP regions according to user's input parameters to facilitate experimental validation.
  • single nucleotide polymorphisms analysis tool
  • SNPs analysis
  • SNP prediction tool
  • SNPs discovery
  • genetic variation analysis
  • SNP mapping
  • SNP PCR primers
  • microbial SNPs
  • microbial genetic variations
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