SNP Function Portal -- a web database for exploring the function implication of SNP alleles

What you can do:
Identify the potential biological impact of genetic markers and complex relationships among genetic markers and genes using this database of SNP alleles.
  • The SNP Function Portal is designed to be a clearing house for all public domain SNP functional annotation data, as well as in-house functional annotations derived from different data sources.
  • It currently contains SNP functional annotations in six major categories including genomic elements, transcription regulation, protein function, pathway, disease and population genetics.
  • It also includes a powerful search engine that accepts different types of genetic markers as input and identifies all genetically related SNPs based on the HapMap Phase II data as well as the relationship of different markers to known genes.
  • SNP functional annotation tool
  • single nucleotide polymorphisms analysis tool
  • SNP alleles
  • allele variations
  • allelic variation
  • SNPs analysis
  • SNP prediction tool
  • SNPs discovery
  • genetic variation analysis
  • heterozgyosity
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