dbGap -- a Database of Genome Wide Association Studies

What you can do:
Search for data from wide association (GWA) studies.
  • dbGaP is a database of Genotype and Phenotype, will for the first time provide a central location for interested parties to see all study documentation and to view summaries of the measured variables in an organized and searchable web format.
  • The database also provides pre-computed analyses of the level of statistical association between genes and selected phenotypes.
  • Genotype data are obtained by using high-throughput genotyping arrays to test subjects' DNA for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), areas of the genome that have been found to vary among humans.
  • The initial release of dbGaP (Dec. 2006) contains data on two studies: the Age-Related Eye Diseases Study (AREDS), and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Parkinsonism Study, a case-controlled study that gathered DNA, cell line samples and detailed phenotypic data on 2,573 subjects.
  • genome wide association studies
  • human genotype-phenotype associations
  • phenotype
  • genotype
  • human eye diseases
  • eye macular degeneration
  • age-related cataracts
  • Parkinsonism
Literature & Tutorials:
Link to online tutorial: dbGaP Tutorial (PDF file)
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