SNPSTR -- a database of compound microsatellite-SNP markers

What you can do:
Search for information on compound microsatellite-SNP markers in human, dog, mouse, rat and chicken.
  • The SNPSTR database contains information on compound genetic marker called SNPSTR, which combines a microsatellite (STR) marker with one or more tightly linked SNPs.
  • The SNP(s) and the microsatellite are less than 250 base pairs apart so each SNPSTR can be considered a small haplotype with no recombination occurring between the two individual markers.
  • SNPSTRs have the potential to become a very useful tool in the field of population genetics.
  • The SNPSTR database contains all inferable human SNPSTRs as well as those in mouse, rat, dog and chicken.
  • microsatellite-SNP markers
  • microsatellite marker
  • SNP marker
  • genetic markers
  • population genetics
  • human genetic variations
  • dog genetic variations
  • mouse genetic variations
  • chicken genetic variations
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