PigGIS -- Pig Genomic Informatics System

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Search for annotated information on pig genome, ESTs and SNPs.
  • Pig Genomic Information System (PigGIS) is a web-based depository of pig (Sus scrofa) genomic learning mainly engineered for biomedical research to locate pig genes from their human homologs and position single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in different pig populations.
  • It utilizes a variety of sequence data, including whole genome shotgun (WGS) reads and expressed sequence tags (ESTs), and achieves a successful mapping solution to the low-coverage genome problem.
  • As of 2007, the database contains 5700 pig consensus sequences covering 18.5 Mb of the homologous human exons, and 18700 SNPs and 20800 unique 60mer oligonucleotide probes for future pig genome analyses.
  • pig single nucleotide polymorphisms
  • pig SNP
  • pig EST
  • pig genetic variation
  • pig expressed sequence tags
  • pig genomic probes
  • pig oligo probes
  • pig genome
  • Sus scrofa
  • livestock
  • animal
  • mammalian genome
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