Snap -- an integrated SNP annotation platform

What you can do:
Perform gene specific SNPs analysis for human genes.
  • Snap is a server designed to comprehensively analyze single genes and relationships between genes basing on SNPs in the human genome.
  • Using a user-friendly web interface, genes can be searched by name, description, position, SNP ID or clone name. Several public databases are integrated, including gene information from Ensembl, protein features from Uniprot/SWISS-PROT, Pfam and DAS-CBS.
  • Gene relationships are fetched from BIND, MINT, KEGG and are integrated with ortholog data from TreeFam to extend the current interaction networks.
  • For each gene, a gene-gene relationship network can be generated based on protein-protein interaction data, metabolic pathway connections and extended through phylogenetic relations.
  • Integrated tools for primer-design and mis-splicing analysis have been developed to facilitate experimental analysis of individual genes with focus on their variation.
  • human SNPs analysis
  • human genetic polymorphisms
  • human single nucleotide polymorphisms
  • human SNP
  • human mutations
  • human genetic variations
  • SNP PCR primers
  • human mis-splicing
  • human gene splicing
  • gene splicing PCR primer design
Literature & Tutorials:
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