Tagger -- Selection and evaluation of tag SNPs

What you can do:
Select and evaluate taged SNPs from genotype data.
  • Tagger is a tool for the selection and evaluation of tag SNPs from genotype data such as that from the International HapMap Project.
  • It combines the simplicity of pairwise tagging methods with the efficiency benefits of multimarker haplotype approaches.
  • As input, users can upload genotype data in raw HapMap format or standard "pedigree" linkage format from which linkage disequilibrium patterns will be calculated.
  • Alternatively, users can specify chromosomal landmarks to indicate genomic regions of interest within which tag SNPs are to be picked (a local copy of HapMap data will be used). This feature will be particularly useful for multiplex tag SNP design in multiple candidate genes.
  • As output, Tagger produces a list of tag SNPs and corresponding statistical tests to capture all variants of interest, and a summary coverage report of the selected tag SNPs.
  • Tagger has been implemented in the stand-alone program Haploview.
  • multiplex tag SNP design
  • SNPs tagging
  • tag SNPs selection tool
  • tag SNPs evaluation tool
  • genome-wide association studies
  • genotyping tool
  • allele frequency estimation
  • Association mapping
  • disease association studies
  • SNPs genotyping
  • haplotype frequencies estimation
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