hapConstructor -- automatic construction and testing of haplotypes in a Monte Carlo framework

What you can do:
A tool for exploring multi-locus associations in candidate genes and regions.
  • hapConstructor automatically builds multi-locus SNP-sets to test for association in a case-control framework.
  • The multi-SNP sets considered need not be contiguous; they are built based on significance.
  • An important feature is that missing data imputation is carried out based on the full data, for maximal information and consistency.
  • HapConstructor is implemented in a Monte Carlo framework and naturally extends to allow for significance testing and false discovery rates that account for the construction process and to related individuals.
  • SNP
  • single nucleotide polymorphism
  • haplotypes
  • multi-SNP
  • tSNP
  • multi-locus SNP-sets
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