MotifMap -- a human genome-wide map of candidate regulatory motif sites

What you can do:
Explore a comprehensive map of regulatory elements in the human genome.
  • We developed a procedure for identifying regulatory sites, with high levels of conservation across different species, using a new scoring scheme, the Bayesian branch length score (BBLS).
  • Using BBLS, we predict 1.5 million regulatory sites, corresponding to 380 known regulatory motifs, with an estimated false discovery rate (FDR) of less than 50%.
  • We demonstrate that the method is particularly effective for 155 motifs, for which 121,056 sites can be mapped with an estimated FDR of less than 10%.
  • Over 28K SNPs are located in regions overlapping the 1.5 million predicted motif sites, suggesting potential functional implications for these SNPs.
  • We have deposited these elements in a database and created a user-friendly Web server for the retrieval, analysis, and visualization of these elements.
  • The initial map provides a systematic view of gene regulation in the genome, which will be refined as additional motifs become available.
  • regulatory element
  • SNP
  • single nucleotide polymorphism
  • motif
  • human genome
This record last updated: 11-24-2008

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