SuperCYP -- Cytochrome P450 Database

What you can do:
Find information about cytochrome P450 interactions with drugs.
  • SuperCYP is a comprehensive resource focused on CYPs and drug metabolism.
  • It contains 1170 drugs with more than 3800 interactions including references.
  • Approximately 2000 SNPs and mutations are listed and ordered according to their effect on expression and/or activity.
  • Homology-modeled structures of the CYPs can be downloaded in PDB format and related drugs are available as MOL-files.
  • Within the resource, CYPs can be aligned with each other, drug-cocktails can be 'mixed', SNPs, protein point mutations, and their effects can be viewed and corresponding PubMed IDs are given.
  • SuperCYP is meant to be a platform and a starting point for scientists and health professionals for furthering their research.
  • CYP
  • cytochrome P450
  • drug interaction
  • CYP-drug interaction
  • cytochrome P450-drug interaction
  • drug metabolism
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